Friday, 13 June 2014

More experimental engines

I got Comet to where I want it, but then decided it was too theoretical. Coding is a mixture of structure and pragmatism, and both a classical OOP design and a pure component design are too much of one.

So I'm working on "executive" which is a combination of the two. It is an object aggregator and controller, with built in functionality - currently updating, inter object messaging and timers, which allows a semi-component approach via mixins.  Objects are tagged (the tags are recorded in the executive) and it can be queried for all objects with 'ammo' tags, or whatever.

For its frame system, tagging an object with 'update' causes it to have its onUpdate() method called on a regular basis.

It's on its second design, the first one , called SOE (Simple Object Engine) is okay, but I improved the design and cleaned it up.

None of these various engine ideas are particularly long, maybe a few hundred lines of code each.

Because the executive itself is an object, I'm going to try and build a FSM/Composer system where each scene is an Executive object, thus making the scene transitions semi automatic.

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