Friday, 27 June 2014

9 1/2 days

Well a fair bit has been going on ; I finished the Executive and got the state transition working, and
that now works like a simple, but proper game.

I'm working on a remake of a game called Phantom Slayer, which was originally for the Dragon / TRS80 Co-Co computer (a 6809/6847 based home computer from the 1980s).

It originally looked like the one below (and with a switch, it still does look like that), pretty much - it's a fairly simple explore a 3D Maze sort of game.

It's a useful test more than anything else (though the original game is really creepy) writing to something of a specification rather than something just knocked together to test the Executive system.

It can be sort-of played (at the moment you can walk about and teleport but not do anything else) and it is at if anyone wants to tinker with it. I will probably put it in the App stores when I've finished just for the sheer heck of it.

As it is under development, obviously, both it and the Executive are prone to change. I did make one change ; the ability to pass parameters into FSM events and through into the preOpen (think 'Create') phase of the scene manager. Though this is a backwards compatible extension ; I'm hoping that there won't be any major changes.

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