Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bit more work done.

On the font thing. The main thing that's vanished is displaying the text at an angle ; you can still go in any of the 4 main directions, but you can't draw text at 45 degrees (except by rotating the view, obviously). The primary reason was that it was horrendously messy in terms of recalculating the bounding box.

I can't use the anchorChildren of view group which automatically gives an anchor system, because the actual display object boxes move and change size. The library has an idea of a 'core' text item, with  x/y scale, text size and so on, which is modified on an individual basis, so individual characters have their own scale, size, rotation as well. To do this - to have a zooming character means I have to change the display object size - but this will change the bounding rectangle of the view group.

It looks like it's going to work quite well. At present, the system seems to work fine with

There is a problem though. If you use to scale it, the individual scaling will not work, I don't think this problem is fixable. x,y,alpha and rotation are fine and will work normally, but scaling with animated scaling - say having characters zoom in and out will completely confuse the drawing system.

It's not unreasonable really, it has two different things - the animation controller and the transition controller arguing about what scale it should be.

If you don't animate the text (in the sense of animating the individual characters), scaling works fine - the system just allows you to create the text then forget about it and transition it about like you would a sprite or anything else.

Having said that if you are animating the text and scale of the text and the individual characters as well it would probably do the user's head in. There is only so much spinning and zooming it can take.

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