Monday, 28 April 2014


I find the number of icons required increasingly absurd in Apple and Android applications (obviously, this isn't Corona's fault !)

Both in generating the things and also in the clutter they put in the root directory. Really, the root directory should just contain the configuration files, main.lua and subdirectories, not 317 icons all of which are basically the same.

In an attempt to fix both I have written 'iconcreator.lua' which is a lua script file (so it requires the lua command line interpreter, it's not a Corona Application). This has one file, icon.svg, which is a vector graphic of the icon.

Vector graphics can be scaled to any size without pixellating or any other problems, save for if they get really small detail will be lost.

The script will create icons of the required sizes for Android and Apple. Ouya could be easily supported, but Ouya's icon is not square.

It will also delete the icons - so you can get rid of the things when you are developing, and run the script just before building for release, then remove them again.

You can get it here

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