Monday, 28 April 2014

Corona and the Model-View-Presenter pattern (Part 7)

Welcome to the last part of the MVP Tutorial.

One of the main faults of the game is that the control system is pretty dire. It's not that easy to track the little bat with a mouse. So we're going to add a button to do the same thing.

This shows one of the advantages of separating everything and decoupling it (to some extent !). The control is purely a function of the view - if you recall from a previous part, the view detects the button click, and sends a message to the presenter saying "I've had a button click".

So all we need to do is to add a button, and get it to send that button click again - so nothing changes but view.lua, which has the following added to its initialise function.

view.scoreObject = display.newText("<score>",315,5,native.systemFontBold,32) 
view.scoreObject.anchorX,view.scoreObject.anchorY = 1,0

view.actionButton = display.newImage("button.png") -- create an action button
view.actionButton.anchorX, view.actionButton.anchorY = 0.5,1 -- position it, size it, etc.
view.actionButton.x,view.actionButton.y = 160,475
view.actionButton.xScale,view.actionButton.yScale = 0.3,0.25
view.actionButton.alpha = 0.8
view.actionButton:addEventListener( "tap",view )   -- it sends the message as well.

We create a new display object, put it where we want it, and make it slightly transparent. Then we add a second event tap listener. Any tap event here is routed to the view:tap function, which sends a message to the presenter.

- and that's all there is to it....

The final version is available from

Thank you for reading ; any questions please feel free to ask them here, email me or ask on the forum (I might spot them).

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